Post game cheats and tips to be shared

Hello world!

HI! I love gaming and using cheats, so I started this blog to post and share cheats.

Add your cheats for everyone to share — Good Luck gaming!

Here’s one to start —

This cheat is for Animal Crossing Wild World:

Bury a shovel wait a day and you have a golden shovel.

So, Read comments for more tips and cheats or add yours   —  And you might want to check out this blog:


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Hello there. I really like your blog. Will be posting some cheats later. DO

Comment by David

these cheats are for animal crossing wild world for ds

Comment by philbeet

golden bug net: catch every bug once

Comment by philbeet

how to get nookingtons: spend 240000 bells and have a freind shop at the store

Comment by philbeet

how to get nookway: sell or spend 90000 bells at nook`n`go

Comment by philbeet

Hey, you know you can spend or sell up to 7000 bells at Nook’s Cranny for Nook-n-go.

Comment by Lisa

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